In order to make TwoNav more accessible to users, CompeGPS has developed two modes for the same outdoor application: Free mode and Premium license. TwoNav in free mode contains certain usage limitations on features and functions. TwoNav free mode is available on the following platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android, Tablet, Mac and Pocket. Users using TwoNav in free mode have the oportunity to go Premium to fully enjoy all functions of TwoNav, all they have to do is buy a 'TwoNav Multi-Platform' license - click here - (in case of iPhone/iPad: buy 'TwoNav Premium' at Apple Store).

Click here to download TwoNav in Free Mode >Click here to buy a TwoNav Platform licence
ADVERTISEMENT Banner in map page None
MAPS Remote maps: Default base maps + free maps Any remote map
Local maps: CompeGPS store maps Any local file
3D No Yes
TRACK/ROUTE Work with one track open(in addition to recorded track) Work with several waypoints files, even at the same time
WAYPOINTS Work only with one waypoints file(waypoints.wpt) Work with several waypoints files at the same time
GEOCACHING Work with single waypoints Work with any geocaching file (accessible from ‘Geocaching’ menu)
DATA FIELDS No customization (data bar with fixed data fields) Total customization (data bar, data pages, create new data pages, edit data fields)
SETTINGS Limited to basic customization (volume, language, units and effort) Total customization (data field manager, toolbar manager, alarms, themes, autozoom modes, pointer configuration, tracklog modes and much more!
CONTEXTUAL MENU Blocked (except for 'On-line servers' and 'Send to' functions) Enabled for all functions: On map (Create waypoints, tracks and routes, 'Navigate here' function, 'Anchor' function) On Data fields (change a data field, program alarms On lists (track tools like invert track, re-calculate altitudes, re-assign speed...