Thousands of kilometers have been covered (walked??) along the valleys of the Province of Turin and Cuneo. 15 maps in 1:25000 scale have been carried out to date, and they cover the following valleys: Susa, Chisone, Cenischia, Val Sangone Pellice, Val Germanasca, Pinerolo, Lanzo Valleys, Val Pellice and down south to the Colle di Tenda . Two more maps are a work in progress now: the hill of Turin and the Park of the Marguareis. Since 2005, the result of our field surveys is imported on a base map already set with the official data provided by the Cartographic Service of the Piedmont Region and by IGN, the French National Geographic Institute. All Fraternali Editore products are based on the creation of a complete geographical database, structured on a GIS software and they feature the following levels:

  • Primary and secondary paths network
  • Complete network road
  • Soil type (wooded areas, rocks, glaciers, etc.)
  • Equidistance contour lines 50m
  • Equidistance contour lines 10m
  • Equidistance contour lines 5m
  • Buildings
  • Ski touring paths
  • Mountain biking trails
  • Footpaths and hiking trails name
  • Information on hiking (shelters, camps, climbing walls, picnic areas, places of interest etc.)
  • Complete Toponymy